Woody Allen and Libido

Pedophiles are out there and they are nasty.  Their sexual orientation is towards children and teens.  Many are sociopaths or psychopaths or both.  And the victims that they leave in their wake as they navigate through life are left to try and pick up their lives as best as they can.  But all to often is the victim`s friends and family who are at the victim`s wake.  The pain and shame and guilt and rage and and and…..can be so overwhelming that death starts to look like a viable alternative.

Woody Allen`s estranged daughter Dylan Farrow has once again accused Woody Allen of sexually abusing her on at least one occasion.  Woody Allen has of course denied this claim.  I mean what else is he going to do?  He has more money than he knows what to do with and he is 78 years old.  He can’t possibly spend all of his money in the little time that he has left.   He would rather spend his money on lawyers who can keep him out of jail.  And by the end of this episode more than one of Woody’s lawyers is going to have a new BMW in their driveway.

Dylan Farrow is married and living in Florida under a different name.  She has kids of her own.  Perhaps she accused Woody Allen once again because as a mom she had a renewed sense of making things right for future generations.  I mean, if Woody Allen could be brought to justice then there was hope for pedophile rings and pedophiles who are rich and powerful and who think that they are above the law.  This case is a test to see how seriously our society is at protecting our children.

Dylan knows that she was out of  Allen’s will decades ago.  He still says that he loves her and misses her and all that but these are mere talking points given to him by his lawyers to say.  Maybe he does love her still.  But emotions and actions are two different things.  You can lust after someone but it only becomes a societal issue if you act on that lust. If Woody Allen lusted after Dylan and put those lustful feelings into action then he is a pedophile and no amount of wit or jokes or fancy prose from Allen is going to change that fact.  Allen cannot be allowed to hide behind his money and his talent.  Art should no be a shield behind which he hides.

I read a bizarre article written by Allen where he confronts Dylan’s accusations and at the same time he marbles his denials with references to his brilliance and his contributions to cinema and to the world in general and how lucky we are to know his work.  His attempt to discredit Dylan’s story by using an old bait-and-switch technique like that is pathetic.  What does being a film maker have to do with his guilt or innocence as a pedophile?  It’s as if he was trying to have our collective gaze turn away from the circumstantial evidence pointing to his guilt and instead have us look at his body  of work and decide that, all things considered, we would rather have Woody Allen and his artistic contributions than Justice and the advancement of children’s rights.  And this is where it stands.  Are we going to allow our selfish desire for Art trump our selfless desire for Justice?  Time (and buckets of Woody’s money) will tell.

Some people argue that Dylan put out her tweet about Allen having sexually abused her to thwart his moment in the sun.  He was up for some awards and people said that Dylan was somehow being manipulated by her mother into coming forward again to accuse Allen.  First of all, as mentioned, Dylan is in her late 20’s, is married and has children of her own.  It does not seem plausible that her mother has that kind of influence on her.  Second, Allen makes a movie a year.  So any year that Dylan chose  to come forward would be met with criticism regarding the timing of her reveal.  Why didn’t Dylan come forward when Midnight in Paris was winning awards?  Why?  Because she didn’t.  It takes courage and intestinal fortitude to come forward with information about having been abused and Dylan needed all 28 years to get to exactly this point.  Gosh, statistics point to most people waiting in their 5os before coming forward, if in fact they even do. So in this incidence, Dylan is ahead of the curve and perhaps braver than most.

Twenty years ago Dylan revealed to her mother what Allen had done to her.  One judge ruled that there was probable cause to start and investigation but that the investigation was not done because they felt that it would be too traumatic for Dylan.  Maybe Dylan feels that she could have handled it then.  For this reason maybe Dylan feels that she was robbed of her day in court to tell her story.  Like her abuse, she had no say in whether the case would proceed.  She must feel the same feelings of powerlessness at the hands of her abuser, and at the hands of the legal system.

But there is hope.  Society is turning a corner.  Recently a man, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, exited a courtroom after having testified and said of survivors that “we are now an army.”  We are now an army.  Wow.  An army of survivors standing up for those who killed themselves already rather than house inside of them the shame and pain and mental illness that comes with having been violated.  An army of truth-tellers who damn the torpedoes (as Dylan the Brave is doing) and speaking Truth to Pedophiles.  Survivors are taking a page from Stalin’s war strategy: Not One Step Back.  And it’s working.  Dylan knows that it comes down to he said, she said.  She is willing to stay the course regardless.  Regardless of Woody’s money, his Hollywood connections, his fans, his clever denials, his witty repartee. At the end of it all there it is, the truth.

Dylan’s brother has said that Dylan was not abused by Allen.  How can he say that.  Allen was not about to abuse her while others were around.  The most the brother could say is, “I don’t know.”  But coming forward to defend his father there is a good change that said brother is back in the will! Now it is only a waiting game I suppose.  Remember that not even the army of lawyers that Woody has working on this case can burn through the cash that he has in his piggy bank.  There will be money to throw around when Allen is safely in Hell, or wherever it is pedophile go when they are through hurting others.

Why can I be so sure that Woody is guilty?  Circumstantial evidence.  There is still such a thing as piecing the facts together to come to the truth of the matter.  People can go to prison for murder based on circumstantial evidence.  You don’t have to have been in the room where the crime was committed to be able to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that someone is guilty.

The circumstantial evidence in this case is overwhelming.  Woody has made bizarre statements about his warped sensibilities when it comes to his sexual orientation on several occasions.  He took nude pictures of his girlfriend’s daughter when she was a teen or even younger?  He loves being around children and adopts them whenever he can.  His other son despises him for what he is.  His current children cross their arms when he hugs them.  He is a recluse when he is not working.  Pedophile shun the spotlight unless they have to be in it.

My point is this.  Pedophiles can be profiled just like any other criminal.  All the evidence points to Allen as being a pedophile. But even beyond that, I believe Dylan.  I believe that she has nothing to gain from coming forward except to bring a pervert to justice so that justice can be served.  So that future generations will have  a better justice system to go to should these heinous acts be perpetrated on them.

Pedophiles all over the world are watching very very closely how this is going to play out. If we allow this to be swept under the carpet AGAIN then pedophiles in Hollywood and beyond are going to let out a collective sigh of relief, and continue to go play.  If we find a way to neutralize Allen’s power, money and influence he can be brought to justice.  This would show the world that we can to it.  That we can protect children instead of pretending to.  That there just might be a new world order but not the kind as is being orchestrated by the 1% but rather an organic grass roots one based on true justice and democracy.

Feminism must be applauded for its efforts at bringing to the fore formally taboo subjects that rich old men over the centuries refused to discuss.  Thank you feminists.  Thank you human rights advocates.  Thank you decent people who have compassion and empathy.  Thank you stand up comedians who get up there and tell the truth despite the pressure to be politically correct.  Thank you teachers, writers, protestors….. we are an army.


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