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Putin and Lilliputin

22 Apr

Putin is a dangerous fellow. He is a sociopath. The vast majority of leaders are. It is because they are able to make decisions that can adversely affect a great many people; and yet, they can then go off and have tea with their friends and family as if nothing was wrong. These people do not normally need medication to aid in the prevention of insomnia. They sleep like babies while those of us with well-developed consciences blink in the night, with white orbs dotting the blacks of our rooms. Thinking. Worrying. Praying and hoping that our futures are going to be ok. Death, that great equalizer, is our ultimate future for sure, but I mean the time between now and then. We don’t know how much time that we have between now and death but we do know how important it is to try to fill that gap of time with as much meaning as possible.

So what does this have to do with Putin? I’m glad you asked. Putin does not care for you or me or our petty little existence. He is a thug who would just as soon plunge this world into war than to do what is the correct thing. Russia is already the largest country on the planet but that is not enough for this tiny leader. He would risk it all so that he may look macho in the eyes of the world. These sociopaths flourish in our world because we have not, as a society, addressed how we are to spot them, and when we do, what we are supposed to do about it. One psychologist suggested that all those espousing to positions of leadership be tested to see if they are a socio or psychopath. If found to be one or the other, they are then forbidden to hold any office. Not sure that this approach is workable in the real world – but it’s worth a shot. I mean look at what happens when we allow these individuals access to power.

So what Putin is doing is testing the West. He is banking on the fact that the West is unwilling to do anything to assist the Ukraine. Why? Because the West is tired and spent and is awaiting China’s ascension to the post of superpower, with trepidation. And China is waiting in the wings as the West and the Rest fight it out as if playing the game Risk whereby one country just amasses a fortress of armies and watches the other players annihilate each other. All China has to do is nothing. And that is something they do very well.

Putin will keep causing trouble and taking land until the West stands up to him. Power is the only language these fascist dicktators really understand.

I suggest that the Ukraine set up on the eastern boarders makeshift passport offices whereby they can process, on the spot, any and all those who wish the Ukraine to be absorbed into Russia. In this way they can do the paperwork and then physically ensure that those protestors get to Russia unimpeded. The could be offered a one-way train ticket to Russia. I mean, Russia is huge as it is, right? Secondly, we in the West have to immediately accept the Ukraine into NATO today. That would show Russia that the line in the sand is the Ukraine, and not northern Canada or Moldavia or some other place. Like Poland in WWII, we in the West have to decide where we are going to dig our heals in. The sooner we do that the better because any more foot dragging from us will only embolden Putin further.

Russia and China know that the 21st century belongs to them. Sooner or later, the West is going to find out that our failure to act decisively on this front, it will be sooner.