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The 1% and House Cleaning

22 Feb

I wonder what would happen if hiring others to clean up after us in our houses was outlawed. Would the 1% have the mansions that they now possess? In a heartbeat they would sell their mansions to ‘occupy’ much smaller but very swank abodes. The mansions left behind would become condos for the rest of us to divide and to live in a commune of sorts. This idea came to me when, decades ago, I emailed David Suzuki, to point out to him (in case it had not already occurred to him) that his owning a cottage went against what he was preaching to us mere humans. A hired lackey responded that Suzuki was going to convert his cottage into a park upon his demise. I wrote back saying that that is great – except that until his demise he would have a HUGE ecological footprint by having two dwellings for one person. I did not hear back from him, or from his hack publicist.

No matter. It is hard to be an environmentalist and not be a hypocrite. We all consume to survive. It cannot be helped. One example is MEC now pushing their products on Youtube even though they are a non-profit corporation. Why do they need to advertise when their bottom line (profits) are not needed to be maximized in order to satisfy stockholders. And when I way stockholders I mean the TSX kind, who are not kind when stocks that they own go vacationing south. I mean the $5 for a lifetime membership kind. You know; granola eaters.

It would be great if MEC increased their percentage of the profits that go to environmental concerns from 1% to 2% or more. In this case I would understand the recent advertising campaign. Otherwise, I don’t get it. Actually I do get it. Ghost is a mountain bike that is sold at MEC. So Ghost must have a deal with MEC to push product.

So the point of this post is this: the recent protests around the world are, I think, the next steps in the Occupy Movement. People around the world now see the game and know that the rules are skewed in favour of the 1%. And people know that if we continue to play the rich man’s game the planet will perish. I have seen the enemy, and the enemy is us – Pogo. We humans are the asteroid that will end this paradise if we are not careful. My generation will be considered the ‘clown’ generation by future generations looking back at the greed and sociopathic nature of our time in power.

The youth are catching on to the fact that our generation and the one’s before us were too self-serving to give a shit about future generations. The fact that we know that we are going to die gives us, we rationalize, permission to not give a fuck. At our peril.

The youth of this world should ban together and pass a law outlawing people from hiring people to clean their houses and work on their yards. In a heartbeat, or in a sunburst, all greedy humans like me would try to find lodgings that were manageable. And bonus, the space saved would go back to farmers and the animals who share this planet, but apparently, not in the decision making that goes into policy that affects our beautiful, fragile, embattled Earth.