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8 Feb

The war on free speech is ongoing and intense. Everywhere we turn dark, sinister powers are curtailing it. Why? They, that is the Dark Powers, don’t want us to think clearly or ask questions. Why? Because if we connect the dots, the Dark Powers, the Elites, are in big trouble.

The Awakening is alleged to be taking place at this moment in time. No one can deny that these are interesting time. But do we want to live in interesting times? These are fraught with fear, uncertainty, and a yearning to be in a time that is no so… interesting.

We have no such luxury. History has put us here, today, in this time and place, to do as we will with what we’ve got. And what have we got? Simply put, a Battle for the Future of Humanity! Too dramatic? The title I mean, not the reality. Reality is, the title fits the times. No hyperbole here. Fact. We are living through the most turbulent times in history. Why? It’s because much of the battle that is being waged in behind the scenes: on the internet, in private meetings, in geographic locations off limits to the ‘average joe’, in the spiritual realm, in food, air, water, shelter, technology, spying, governments, hidden technology, weapons, propaganda, ideology, schools, religion, science,… this list is almost endless.

WWII, the big one (up until now), was fought in 3D: land, sea, and sky. Yes, there was propaganda, science, and all of that but technology has advanced so much since then. The war we are fighting now had not turned hot (yet) so all of the battles are ‘soft’ or covert. Like censorship. This is a weapon. It kills free speech and questions so that tyranny can survive and thrive.

Technology has weaponized Fascism and Communism like never before, and it’s only going to get worse. If humans do not put their foot down now and say ‘No more’ there will be no foot to put down, in the future. That foot may very well be a foot made of titanium and the foot belongs to the owner of the human who wears it. Slavery abolished you say? Tell that to the millions of people in the human trafficking business. They would disagree.

Slavery comes in many forms though. Debt slaves work until they drop and pass their debts on to their progeny. Slaves of ‘religions’ that are supposed to be about peace but will kill you if you try to leave. Like the lyrics in Hotel California says, “you can check out/any time you want/but you can/ never leave”.

We are to realize that many of us are asleep at the wheel. In fact, we don’t even know that there is a wheel to be asleep at. Accountability and responsibility have been eradicated from our life. Blaming others is now an art form. Creative minds can find an infinite ways of saying, ‘It wasn’t me.’

Riots are called protests. Fascists are called liberals. Death cults are called religions. Spirit cooking is called art.

In our guts we know that something is not right. Our moral compass tell us everyday that things are not right. We are taught not to listen to these voices inside. Drugs, EMPs, propaganda, TV, food, school,.. all are designed to teach us not to trust our instincts.

Things are changing. People are turning off their televisions, rejecting the main stream media, opening their minds up to new possibilities. After all, ideas can be found to be true or not with research, time, and facts. An open mind means that we accept ideas and then verify. Simple. What globalists want to peg as ‘crazy’ might be the very ideas that help to end the slavery of humanity.

Humanity may very well be the envy of the universe. Maybe that is why we are enslaved. Control what you envy and cannot be. Crazy idea? Maybe. But instead of automatically dismissing it, as the globalists would have you do, why not accept the idea as a hypothesis, then go about proving or disproving it. The scientific method works just as well on philosophical ideas too! What you find might surprise you and give you a better understand as to why globalists are do dead set on diminishing all that we can be.

Peace and Love.


Cosby Good?

11 Dec

Bill Cosby appears to be a serial rapist whose ‘handy’ work has spanned over 5 decades.  With so many women, all white women at that, accusing him of sexual abuse the odds are impossible that he is innocent.  Which begs the question, “Why don’t we hire a professor of mathematics, a statistician, to figure out the odds of Cosby being innocent”?  I am guessing that it would be in the trillions to one region.  Would this be admissible in court?  Probably not.  Courts seem to lean towards the rights of the accused rather than those of the victim.  This could be changing.  Some people helping to change our legal system and how we here in North America handle sexual assault case are, but not exclusively: Woody Allen, Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby… and the list keeps getting bigger by the day.  There are other celebrities that are sweating bullets right not knowing that people out there are mulling over the idea of coming forward to tell their stories too.  And unless the elite get busy and actually take over and regulate the Internet, these allegations will continue to haunt creepy celebrity sex perverts and regular everyday sex perverts alike.

So what is to be done given that in the U.S. there statues of limitations is only two years for sexual assault cases.  Whaaaaat?  Does this even make sense.  Some victims spend decades trying to come to terms with what happened to them and when they are ready to leave denial and avoidance for the world of Truth, it is often too late.  Some people complain that the media is acting as judge and executioner on these cases but I say to these people, What choice do we have? The courts have given us no other course of action but to try and find the truth by means other than the judicial ones.  Want to change that?  Then insist that the victim is not put on trial instead of the accused, and remove the two-year statute of limitations on cases of sexual abuse, and childhood sexual abuse.  Then courts will once again have ‘street cred’ in the eyes of the people.  Until then, media is king, judge, and witness to it all.  If you want that to continue, do nothing.

Putin and Lilliputin

22 Apr

Putin is a dangerous fellow. He is a sociopath. The vast majority of leaders are. It is because they are able to make decisions that can adversely affect a great many people; and yet, they can then go off and have tea with their friends and family as if nothing was wrong. These people do not normally need medication to aid in the prevention of insomnia. They sleep like babies while those of us with well-developed consciences blink in the night, with white orbs dotting the blacks of our rooms. Thinking. Worrying. Praying and hoping that our futures are going to be ok. Death, that great equalizer, is our ultimate future for sure, but I mean the time between now and then. We don’t know how much time that we have between now and death but we do know how important it is to try to fill that gap of time with as much meaning as possible.

So what does this have to do with Putin? I’m glad you asked. Putin does not care for you or me or our petty little existence. He is a thug who would just as soon plunge this world into war than to do what is the correct thing. Russia is already the largest country on the planet but that is not enough for this tiny leader. He would risk it all so that he may look macho in the eyes of the world. These sociopaths flourish in our world because we have not, as a society, addressed how we are to spot them, and when we do, what we are supposed to do about it. One psychologist suggested that all those espousing to positions of leadership be tested to see if they are a socio or psychopath. If found to be one or the other, they are then forbidden to hold any office. Not sure that this approach is workable in the real world – but it’s worth a shot. I mean look at what happens when we allow these individuals access to power.

So what Putin is doing is testing the West. He is banking on the fact that the West is unwilling to do anything to assist the Ukraine. Why? Because the West is tired and spent and is awaiting China’s ascension to the post of superpower, with trepidation. And China is waiting in the wings as the West and the Rest fight it out as if playing the game Risk whereby one country just amasses a fortress of armies and watches the other players annihilate each other. All China has to do is nothing. And that is something they do very well.

Putin will keep causing trouble and taking land until the West stands up to him. Power is the only language these fascist dicktators really understand.

I suggest that the Ukraine set up on the eastern boarders makeshift passport offices whereby they can process, on the spot, any and all those who wish the Ukraine to be absorbed into Russia. In this way they can do the paperwork and then physically ensure that those protestors get to Russia unimpeded. The could be offered a one-way train ticket to Russia. I mean, Russia is huge as it is, right? Secondly, we in the West have to immediately accept the Ukraine into NATO today. That would show Russia that the line in the sand is the Ukraine, and not northern Canada or Moldavia or some other place. Like Poland in WWII, we in the West have to decide where we are going to dig our heals in. The sooner we do that the better because any more foot dragging from us will only embolden Putin further.

Russia and China know that the 21st century belongs to them. Sooner or later, the West is going to find out that our failure to act decisively on this front, it will be sooner.

Ride On Ryder

9 Apr

Ride on Ryder
Where you going
Mr. Man?
Ride On Ryder
Tell me do you
Have a plan?
The road you’re on
Iz long
But you need to
Carry on
There’s no reverse
On your machine
And you must be

Ride on Ryder
Moving forward
But to where?
Ride on Ryder
Putting clicks
Between you and
The path your on
twists out of sight
Yet you drive on
Despite your fright
And you must be

Ride On Ryder
Where you going
Mr. Man
Ride On Ryder
Will you ever
Make a stand
Your way is the
And you will be

Harper and Distain for Democracy

8 Apr

Harper hates democracy. He had no internal compass telling him that his actions are wrong for the country and for the democratic process. Canada is supposed to be a beacon of light for the rest of the world on how a democracy is supposed to function. But sadly, Harper, once in power,decided that he likes power, at any price. So much so that he has recently introduced the “Fair Elections Act”, an act that marginalizes voters who typically do not vote conservative. Harper is stacking the deck in his favour for what he dreads: an upcoming election. The next Prime Minister if he or she is not as corrupt and if she or he loves democracy, will have their hands full undoing what Harpercist had done over the years. Secretly Harper has rigged the rules in favour of himself and any future Conservative fascist leaders to retain power longer. Sad that he is so insecure and void of moral values that he would devalue Canadian values to such an extent.

And yet he persists. Most of the automatrons who call themselves MPs are not going to stand up to Harper’s fascist leanings. These MPs (marginal peons) are afraid for their sad political futures as lapdogs to care about such lofty ideas like Democracy and Ethics. These people put fear and loathing before ideas and philosophy.

Haper introducing a Fair Elections Act is laughable in that Harper is not fair, does not respect elections, and acts like a dictator.

We have got to get rid of this greasy ego maniac. He is bad for the country. Bad for democracy and bad for our children’s future. He has to go.

Harper’s Bizzare

3 Apr

Prime Minister Harper is the leader of our country.  I know that we have a strong country because we have endured the trials and tribulations of a great many not-so-great leaders.  Canada seems to weather the effects that these people have on her, somehow.  What worries me is how many hits can a country take before it changes character forever.  Is there a point of no return for a country as there is for an individual?  Can a country expedience PTSD from too much trauma inflicted on it by greedy, self-serving public servants?  I would hate to see Canada’s character altered to the point where we are no longer above average in virtually everything.  That would be a sad day indeed.



LilliPutin and Fascism

15 Mar

Hey. What do you get when you cross a short Russian who is a sociopath and has a inferiority complex that faces West? Putin. He has all the earmarks of this generations ‘flaky’ dictator.