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8 Feb

The war on free speech is ongoing and intense. Everywhere we turn dark, sinister powers are curtailing it. Why? They, that is the Dark Powers, don’t want us to think clearly or ask questions. Why? Because if we connect the dots, the Dark Powers, the Elites, are in big trouble.

The Awakening is alleged to be taking place at this moment in time. No one can deny that these are interesting time. But do we want to live in interesting times? These are fraught with fear, uncertainty, and a yearning to be in a time that is no so… interesting.

We have no such luxury. History has put us here, today, in this time and place, to do as we will with what we’ve got. And what have we got? Simply put, a Battle for the Future of Humanity! Too dramatic? The title I mean, not the reality. Reality is, the title fits the times. No hyperbole here. Fact. We are living through the most turbulent times in history. Why? It’s because much of the battle that is being waged in behind the scenes: on the internet, in private meetings, in geographic locations off limits to the ‘average joe’, in the spiritual realm, in food, air, water, shelter, technology, spying, governments, hidden technology, weapons, propaganda, ideology, schools, religion, science,… this list is almost endless.

WWII, the big one (up until now), was fought in 3D: land, sea, and sky. Yes, there was propaganda, science, and all of that but technology has advanced so much since then. The war we are fighting now had not turned hot (yet) so all of the battles are ‘soft’ or covert. Like censorship. This is a weapon. It kills free speech and questions so that tyranny can survive and thrive.

Technology has weaponized Fascism and Communism like never before, and it’s only going to get worse. If humans do not put their foot down now and say ‘No more’ there will be no foot to put down, in the future. That foot may very well be a foot made of titanium and the foot belongs to the owner of the human who wears it. Slavery abolished you say? Tell that to the millions of people in the human trafficking business. They would disagree.

Slavery comes in many forms though. Debt slaves work until they drop and pass their debts on to their progeny. Slaves of ‘religions’ that are supposed to be about peace but will kill you if you try to leave. Like the lyrics in Hotel California says, “you can check out/any time you want/but you can/ never leave”.

We are to realize that many of us are asleep at the wheel. In fact, we don’t even know that there is a wheel to be asleep at. Accountability and responsibility have been eradicated from our life. Blaming others is now an art form. Creative minds can find an infinite ways of saying, ‘It wasn’t me.’

Riots are called protests. Fascists are called liberals. Death cults are called religions. Spirit cooking is called art.

In our guts we know that something is not right. Our moral compass tell us everyday that things are not right. We are taught not to listen to these voices inside. Drugs, EMPs, propaganda, TV, food, school,.. all are designed to teach us not to trust our instincts.

Things are changing. People are turning off their televisions, rejecting the main stream media, opening their minds up to new possibilities. After all, ideas can be found to be true or not with research, time, and facts. An open mind means that we accept ideas and then verify. Simple. What globalists want to peg as ‘crazy’ might be the very ideas that help to end the slavery of humanity.

Humanity may very well be the envy of the universe. Maybe that is why we are enslaved. Control what you envy and cannot be. Crazy idea? Maybe. But instead of automatically dismissing it, as the globalists would have you do, why not accept the idea as a hypothesis, then go about proving or disproving it. The scientific method works just as well on philosophical ideas too! What you find might surprise you and give you a better understand as to why globalists are do dead set on diminishing all that we can be.

Peace and Love.