Cosby Good?

11 Dec

Bill Cosby appears to be a serial rapist whose ‘handy’ work has spanned over 5 decades.  With so many women, all white women at that, accusing him of sexual abuse the odds are impossible that he is innocent.  Which begs the question, “Why don’t we hire a professor of mathematics, a statistician, to figure out the odds of Cosby being innocent”?  I am guessing that it would be in the trillions to one region.  Would this be admissible in court?  Probably not.  Courts seem to lean towards the rights of the accused rather than those of the victim.  This could be changing.  Some people helping to change our legal system and how we here in North America handle sexual assault case are, but not exclusively: Woody Allen, Jian Ghomeshi, Bill Cosby… and the list keeps getting bigger by the day.  There are other celebrities that are sweating bullets right not knowing that people out there are mulling over the idea of coming forward to tell their stories too.  And unless the elite get busy and actually take over and regulate the Internet, these allegations will continue to haunt creepy celebrity sex perverts and regular everyday sex perverts alike.

So what is to be done given that in the U.S. there statues of limitations is only two years for sexual assault cases.  Whaaaaat?  Does this even make sense.  Some victims spend decades trying to come to terms with what happened to them and when they are ready to leave denial and avoidance for the world of Truth, it is often too late.  Some people complain that the media is acting as judge and executioner on these cases but I say to these people, What choice do we have? The courts have given us no other course of action but to try and find the truth by means other than the judicial ones.  Want to change that?  Then insist that the victim is not put on trial instead of the accused, and remove the two-year statute of limitations on cases of sexual abuse, and childhood sexual abuse.  Then courts will once again have ‘street cred’ in the eyes of the people.  Until then, media is king, judge, and witness to it all.  If you want that to continue, do nothing.


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