Harper and Distain for Democracy

8 Apr

Harper hates democracy. He had no internal compass telling him that his actions are wrong for the country and for the democratic process. Canada is supposed to be a beacon of light for the rest of the world on how a democracy is supposed to function. But sadly, Harper, once in power,decided that he likes power, at any price. So much so that he has recently introduced the “Fair Elections Act”, an act that marginalizes voters who typically do not vote conservative. Harper is stacking the deck in his favour for what he dreads: an upcoming election. The next Prime Minister if he or she is not as corrupt and if she or he loves democracy, will have their hands full undoing what Harpercist had done over the years. Secretly Harper has rigged the rules in favour of himself and any future Conservative fascist leaders to retain power longer. Sad that he is so insecure and void of moral values that he would devalue Canadian values to such an extent.

And yet he persists. Most of the automatrons who call themselves MPs are not going to stand up to Harper’s fascist leanings. These MPs (marginal peons) are afraid for their sad political futures as lapdogs to care about such lofty ideas like Democracy and Ethics. These people put fear and loathing before ideas and philosophy.

Haper introducing a Fair Elections Act is laughable in that Harper is not fair, does not respect elections, and acts like a dictator.

We have got to get rid of this greasy ego maniac. He is bad for the country. Bad for democracy and bad for our children’s future. He has to go.


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