Vanity Fair Article and Facts

8 Feb

The latest Vanity Fair article has it exactly right.  It has published 10 facts regarding the alleged sexual assault(s?) on Dylan Farrow when she was a child.  As mentioned in my article, Woody Allen and Libido, we all need to ‘stick to the facts’ and leave our perceptions and emotions and stories at the door of Justice.  Professional profilers have plenty of facts on which to build the case that Dylan Farrow is telling the truth and that, sadly, Woody Allen is a pedophile.

If Dylan now has multiple mental illnesses, chances are that she was molested.  If she has moved to FLA and changed her name, chances are she was molested. I noticed that Allen has not changed his name or moved to another place. He doesn’t have to. He is rich and famous.

Woody Allen’s pricey handlers have taken a by-the-book defensive strategy approach that all defense lawyers of guilty pedophiles take.  And that is: deny any and all accusations, demonize the victim and their support networks, glorify the good works that you have done in the past, and maintain a pained look on your face, that of a man wrongly accused. Typical cheap tricks brought to you by expensive, amoral lawyers.  Lawyers that are paid to keep their consciences locked away so that they can proceed in re-victimizing the victim.  Charming legal system we have here, say what? I wonder if all those BMWs and cruise vacations can let these cheap trick lawyers forget the wrongs they commit in the name of the Profit. But then again, the best defense lawyers are themselves socio/psychopaths so conscience is not something about which they have to worry. They sleep like babies in silk sheets with no doubt other sociopaths that are just happy that ‘honey’ is bringing home the bacon, and then some!

I believe that accused pedophiles should have their day in court to defend themselves, but when the defense starts using cheap tricks to tilt the facts, then it is no longer justice, but circus.

Pedophile rings and rich and famous pedophiles and poor pedophile and all other types of pedophiles are watching Woody Allen’s dilemma very carefully. If Allen is prosecuted this would mean a massive shift in our society’s ability to get it’s priorities right and for it’s ability to put Justice ahead of Just Us (pedophile clan). We have a wonderful opportunity to show the world that the West is tackling the scourge that is pedophilia seriously and that no amount of spin, or cleverly written articles from Allen espousing all of his wonderful cinematic achievements, or teams of amoral doctors who sign forms without ever seeing the victim, are going to stop us from finding and stopping those who harm children.  For the first time in history we now actually have an opportunity of looking children in the eyes and telling them that we are going to do all that we can to keep them safe.  And mean it.

What kind of world will we have when we heal the 1 in 4 women and the 1 in 6 men who were abused when they were children?  What will the world look like in the absence of all that rage and anger and shame and remorse that victims of childhood sexual abuse carry inside of them.  My guess is that relations one with others will improve and perhaps we will start to tackle other social ills together, as an army, an army of compassionate and empathetic individuals who can feel our connections because they have never been severed in the first place.


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