12 Jan

I think that all of my 5 likes are from me….groan.  But that’s cool because blogging online has forced me to come to grips with my desire to be a writer that has his work judged in the public domain. I mean I could have chosen to write in my journal with my fountain pens, and that would have been fine, but I also have ideas and concerns that I want to share with others, before I go.  And when I say ‘before I go’ I mean before I die from death.  You see, I am not certain that there is an afterlife and I ponder the zeal of those who fervently believe in one with awe and apprehension. I envy those with deep faith. But at the same time I feel sorry for them too. How can they be so certain about something that they cannot prove exists? Intuition they tell me. Intuition. Not exactly hard science.

But science too has its faults. Science can be egotistical in that it can discredit the existence of things because our senses cannot detect them. What a lame argument that is. We can’t see quarks or dark matter and yet they not only exist, but they make up most of the universe. And shouldn’t science say that something exists, like God for example, until they can prove otherwise?  Like the Rule of Law here in North America, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.  And science should try to be a little humble in its attitude. Sure, technology can approach that of magic but at the same time science is killing the planet in that some of its discoveries and creations, like Frankenfosselfuels, is creating a planet with extremes in temperature to rival those extremes found in fundamentalist religionists!

So (I’ll start the sentence with ‘so’ which seems to be au courant) I’ll blog and see where it goes. I hope to have people read my stuff and am open to criticism but only if it is fact based and intelligent.  Insulting me may or may not hurt my feelings but one thing it will definitely do is prove that the critic is judgmental. It is good to encounter these types of people because they can make us feel good about ourselves (a judgment call though) and it tells us what kind of character we are dealing or not dealing with.

I would prefer to write on light topics but when I look around the world I see a bunch of narcissists (including me) who mostly don’t give a shit about much beyond themselves.  Sure, they love certain people but our love for humanity is lacking. We can’t seem to be able to increase our love to include all of our brothers and sisters on Earth. Maybe this is a throwback to our tribal days,. And then there are all the Power Groups in the dark corners of this world conspiring to keep us from interconnecting.  The power elite prefer that we remain splintered and angry.  It is easier to control a population that is fighting amongst themselves.  The Occupy Movement must have scared the living shit out of the 1%.  The 1% managed to shut down the protests because that is what the 1% has known to do over the centuries but they must know that the 99% are regrouping in dark corners of their own, awaiting the next change to show the 1% their new and improved, evolved and sophisticated self.  This blog is my contribution to the cause of Justice globally.  It starts with words and culminates in actions. And if the Laws of Physics are to be believed for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction then the 1% will push back until their dying breath.  Count on it.  The 1% is comprised mostly of socio and psychopaths who care not for others by definition.  If all of us lacked compassion and shame and guilt and love of others imagine what we could accomplish for ourselves. Feelings can hinder the bottom line.

I believe that television has hypnotized the masses for generations now into becoming debt slaves whose only job is to comsume goods and services that the 1% offers. All of the stations are owned by conglomerate multinational corporations that manipulate the message. I think that Marchall McLuhan had it mostly right when he said, ” The medium is the message.”  I think, “The manipulation of the medium is the message,” is more accurate.  Even the talking heads in all of those news rooms of the world are told what is and what is not the news.  News anchors might as well be another arm of the government or a branch plant for a corporation.

The minute that corporations were given the same status as individual citizens in the 1070’s, that was the time when individuals began becoming numbers to be herded into food troughs and then anesthetized with mass media. And China is watching very closely. They realize the the United States is coming to them. Rather than changing China into a democracy, the US is shape shifting into a fascist state, like China! And China is very patient.  They know that if they wait long enough given the current ‘moving forward’ (towards fascism) trends in the US that one day China and the US will see eye to eye on domestic and foreign matters.  Besides, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and  Democracy itself is messy and unnecessary.  Why not do away with it all. Keep capitalism because empowering greed to the economy (see comment above about us being narcissistic)

So the terrorist have aided and abetted the 1% to exert more control over the masses as never before. The elite in China and the US and elsewhere are meeting in board rooms and are no doubt raising a glass to their apparent successes. But not so fast motherfuckers. Don’t count us out just yet. What you don’t realize is that the human spirit and the human soul have a constant craving to be free.  This can never be extinguished. As hard as they try 1% cannot own or control or subvert the human soul. And believe you me they it has tried. Our yearning for our physical bodies to be as free as our spiritual ones is why we are here.  It is spiritual evolution. Maybe it is an experiment from the gods to see if we can do it.  Is that what all those UFOs are doing flying overhead? Collecting data on our progress? Maybe gods in the universe have a bet on us. The 1% vs the 99%. So far we are losing but it ain’t over yet.

The Internet is the key to the 99%’s victory.  Those gods who bet on us are counting on the fact that the Internet remain free. The 1% know that if they can regulate and control the Internet that the game is up and they can once again cash in their chips. The inventor of the Internet who made the decision to make it free to all will, over the course of time, be regarded as the single most important figure of any time. His decision has meant that humanity can for the first time speak with once voice, and I ain’t talking a new world order…groan. I’m talking a New World Offer. An offer of peace and the exchange of ideas not arguments. The idea that humanity can finally communicate without the spin that comes when we have a middle man editing our conversation. Our ideas can flourish and humanity can finally see that we are better than this.  We are better than poverty and violence and indifference.  Once we do this we can all focus our weapons on the real terrorists: disease. We can really start to tackle the non-man-made problems that God, the gods or evolution or the Big Bang, or whatever has presented to us.

And wouldn’t that be a great thing to witness, before we go.


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