I don’t care that you don’t care

7 Jan

I’ve been wondering why it is that some people don’t care about anything.  Isn’t the act of not caring a disorder? Some sort of pathology?  Take for example the issue of the environment.  Some will tell you that all our CO2 emissions into the air do not contribute to climate change. They argue that science has not been able to prove one hundred percent that climate change and CO2 emissions are linked. The bad news is that science may have to prove this link posthumously. Time may run out before Dr. Beaker is able to get her hands on technology that will enable her to prove that we are killing our planet. My point is this: why do we have to prove it?  Why can’t we adopt as a philosophy of living, as a covenant to our existence, a promise to ourselves and to future generations that we will not pollute. It is possible. Our creative nature could collectively find ways to reduce then eliminate pollution.

In this way we would know for sure that any changes in the climate were natural ones.

Future generations, if there are any, will look back at ours as a selfish, lazy one. We seem to be at war even when we have conversations. It’s black and white. Our ability to have a dialogue has been replaced with a never-ending argument, and the power elite could not he happier. Like China enjoying a divided, thereby weakened, Korea, the elite love to see ordinary citizens fighting with each other by taking polarized views on topics and then debating them on news programs owned by the elite. Clever. But then clever is what the elite have been for generations. We citizens are in a maze of their choosing and we are all looking for the cheese that they have dolled out willy-nilly.

But we are catching on. The Internet, initially created to allow geeks to correspond, has been a game changer. It has allowed humanity to see beneath the Wizard of Oz’s curtain and see the mechanisms at play. The elite as I write this are working on ways to own the Internet, to stop it from being unregulated. The elite want to once again own the hypnotic trance that has enslaved humans for centuries. Their hypnotic weapon of choice in the latter part of the twentieth century, television, is losing its grip on the public’s attention.  Now we surf the Net looking for the Truth behind the propaganda.  And we are finding it at every turn. Soon the elite’s dirty tricks departments will be shown for what they are, conscienceless power mongers who will stop at nothing to maintain their hold over others. Freedom to these people does not include people not in their immediate inner circle.

Ok, so it is evident that I have been watching Alex Jones a little too much.  He has some good points but every now and again he will go off on a rant in order to ramp up our fears so that we buy survival products from him and that we listen to him to know when the government led attack on our freedoms is about to take place.

The Internet must remain free of government and corporate control if our planet is to have a chance of seeing in the twenty second century and beyond.  Any and all attempts to control the access of information to the citizens of the world must be met with resistance. This is not a fight that the 99% can afford to lose.


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