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Amy Winehouse and Us

20 Jan

Amy Winehouse was supremely talented at writing and performing music.  She also had demons and ghosts that haunted her throughout her life.  Add to that drugs and alcohol and you have a potent mix with an early death as it’s outcome.

I’ve been watching Amy Winehouse videos on Youtube lately and the more I watch them the more I miss Amy.  She was a true artist whose vulnerability both allowed her to create great works of art and simultaneously bring about her downfall.  People who are vulnerable are just that.  Easy prey for external and internal forces to manipulate.  Her inner demons were parasites that haunted her until they killed the host that housed them, allowing them to return to the spirit world, but leaving us without Amy.

I miss her.  I trusted her honesty in song and in the way that she carried herself.

Amy lived in front of the cameras.  And when you watch her videos and examine pictures of her you can discern some of the emotions that we was feeling at the time.  It becomes readily apparent that she was very sensitive.  Her eyes were truly windows to her soul. Her tears were evidence that her inner world was in shambles.  Videos of her last concert showed Amy under the influence attempting to entertain but it was a slow train wreck and she knew it as evidenced by her tears while singing.  She was heartbroken.  Her tears flowed as she stumbled about the stage.  At one point the camera catches the drummer behind Winehouse drumming away but with a look of disdain and boredom. He seemed to want to be anywhere but on stage drumming for Amy.  Little did he know that days later she would be dead. But all the signs were there.

How humiliating it must have been for Amy to perform at that reduced level of competence when she knew her truth worth as an entertainer.  No amount of drugs or booze or dementia from excessive us of these could make Amy forget the magic she possessed when performing.  That may be party why she was seen crying on stage in Belgrade on her comeback tour.  I remember the media outlets ridiculing her performance. I thought it typical of the media to harass people who are clearly fighting mental health issues.  The public seems obsessed with seeing other people’s lives come apart. Perhaps it makes our own pathetic empty lives look a little less pathetic?

I know that this world is a tough go.  I mean, we here in North America find life tough and we are the most privileged of any society that ever lived.  Debatable. I cannot imagine the struggles that most people on this planet face finding adequate shelter, food and clothing. I imagine a God if there is one who put Art on this planet in order to make our struggles a little more bearable. So when a true Artist is taken from us, especially at an early age, I feel cheated. Teased by the Almighty even. Like God is into practical jokes. Give to us, then taketh away.  Some would argue that she took herself away but I submit that drug and alcohol abuse is not voluntarily. We dabble in it perhaps and some of us live to tell the tale and some of us perish.

Amy.  There are those on this planet who don’t judge you.  We knew of your ghosts and demons and your valiant fight to keep them from taking over your life.  In the end it appeared that you got tired of the fight.  It was a war of attrition.  Sooner or later they would win.  And it was sooner in your case; we are all the more diminished because of this.




12 Jan

I think that all of my 5 likes are from me….groan.  But that’s cool because blogging online has forced me to come to grips with my desire to be a writer that has his work judged in the public domain. I mean I could have chosen to write in my journal with my fountain pens, and that would have been fine, but I also have ideas and concerns that I want to share with others, before I go.  And when I say ‘before I go’ I mean before I die from death.  You see, I am not certain that there is an afterlife and I ponder the zeal of those who fervently believe in one with awe and apprehension. I envy those with deep faith. But at the same time I feel sorry for them too. How can they be so certain about something that they cannot prove exists? Intuition they tell me. Intuition. Not exactly hard science.

But science too has its faults. Science can be egotistical in that it can discredit the existence of things because our senses cannot detect them. What a lame argument that is. We can’t see quarks or dark matter and yet they not only exist, but they make up most of the universe. And shouldn’t science say that something exists, like God for example, until they can prove otherwise?  Like the Rule of Law here in North America, a person is considered innocent until proven guilty.  And science should try to be a little humble in its attitude. Sure, technology can approach that of magic but at the same time science is killing the planet in that some of its discoveries and creations, like Frankenfosselfuels, is creating a planet with extremes in temperature to rival those extremes found in fundamentalist religionists!

So (I’ll start the sentence with ‘so’ which seems to be au courant) I’ll blog and see where it goes. I hope to have people read my stuff and am open to criticism but only if it is fact based and intelligent.  Insulting me may or may not hurt my feelings but one thing it will definitely do is prove that the critic is judgmental. It is good to encounter these types of people because they can make us feel good about ourselves (a judgment call though) and it tells us what kind of character we are dealing or not dealing with.

I would prefer to write on light topics but when I look around the world I see a bunch of narcissists (including me) who mostly don’t give a shit about much beyond themselves.  Sure, they love certain people but our love for humanity is lacking. We can’t seem to be able to increase our love to include all of our brothers and sisters on Earth. Maybe this is a throwback to our tribal days,. And then there are all the Power Groups in the dark corners of this world conspiring to keep us from interconnecting.  The power elite prefer that we remain splintered and angry.  It is easier to control a population that is fighting amongst themselves.  The Occupy Movement must have scared the living shit out of the 1%.  The 1% managed to shut down the protests because that is what the 1% has known to do over the centuries but they must know that the 99% are regrouping in dark corners of their own, awaiting the next change to show the 1% their new and improved, evolved and sophisticated self.  This blog is my contribution to the cause of Justice globally.  It starts with words and culminates in actions. And if the Laws of Physics are to be believed for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction then the 1% will push back until their dying breath.  Count on it.  The 1% is comprised mostly of socio and psychopaths who care not for others by definition.  If all of us lacked compassion and shame and guilt and love of others imagine what we could accomplish for ourselves. Feelings can hinder the bottom line.

I believe that television has hypnotized the masses for generations now into becoming debt slaves whose only job is to comsume goods and services that the 1% offers. All of the stations are owned by conglomerate multinational corporations that manipulate the message. I think that Marchall McLuhan had it mostly right when he said, ” The medium is the message.”  I think, “The manipulation of the medium is the message,” is more accurate.  Even the talking heads in all of those news rooms of the world are told what is and what is not the news.  News anchors might as well be another arm of the government or a branch plant for a corporation.

The minute that corporations were given the same status as individual citizens in the 1070’s, that was the time when individuals began becoming numbers to be herded into food troughs and then anesthetized with mass media. And China is watching very closely. They realize the the United States is coming to them. Rather than changing China into a democracy, the US is shape shifting into a fascist state, like China! And China is very patient.  They know that if they wait long enough given the current ‘moving forward’ (towards fascism) trends in the US that one day China and the US will see eye to eye on domestic and foreign matters.  Besides, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and  Democracy itself is messy and unnecessary.  Why not do away with it all. Keep capitalism because empowering greed to the economy (see comment above about us being narcissistic)

So the terrorist have aided and abetted the 1% to exert more control over the masses as never before. The elite in China and the US and elsewhere are meeting in board rooms and are no doubt raising a glass to their apparent successes. But not so fast motherfuckers. Don’t count us out just yet. What you don’t realize is that the human spirit and the human soul have a constant craving to be free.  This can never be extinguished. As hard as they try 1% cannot own or control or subvert the human soul. And believe you me they it has tried. Our yearning for our physical bodies to be as free as our spiritual ones is why we are here.  It is spiritual evolution. Maybe it is an experiment from the gods to see if we can do it.  Is that what all those UFOs are doing flying overhead? Collecting data on our progress? Maybe gods in the universe have a bet on us. The 1% vs the 99%. So far we are losing but it ain’t over yet.

The Internet is the key to the 99%’s victory.  Those gods who bet on us are counting on the fact that the Internet remain free. The 1% know that if they can regulate and control the Internet that the game is up and they can once again cash in their chips. The inventor of the Internet who made the decision to make it free to all will, over the course of time, be regarded as the single most important figure of any time. His decision has meant that humanity can for the first time speak with once voice, and I ain’t talking a new world order…groan. I’m talking a New World Offer. An offer of peace and the exchange of ideas not arguments. The idea that humanity can finally communicate without the spin that comes when we have a middle man editing our conversation. Our ideas can flourish and humanity can finally see that we are better than this.  We are better than poverty and violence and indifference.  Once we do this we can all focus our weapons on the real terrorists: disease. We can really start to tackle the non-man-made problems that God, the gods or evolution or the Big Bang, or whatever has presented to us.

And wouldn’t that be a great thing to witness, before we go.


Sitting by the …

11 Jan

Sitting by the river’s edge
Knee deep in muck
Wondering how Life
Is going to treat me
Like you
I rolled the dice
Out of luck
Poor poor poor poor
Pitiful me

I don’t want to
Be a running
About it
But I think
That we should
Talk about it
Ya, ya ya ya ya ya

And tractor beams
Kept me here
When hope
And joy
Turned to fear
If you’d said
I’m outta here
No need to say
It twice
My dear

And tractor beams
Keep me here
When self-loathing
Wants to steer
If you’ve not
Said goodbye
Then I’m
Still here
And we’ll
Travel together
Through the years


I don’t care that you don’t care

7 Jan

I’ve been wondering why it is that some people don’t care about anything.  Isn’t the act of not caring a disorder? Some sort of pathology?  Take for example the issue of the environment.  Some will tell you that all our CO2 emissions into the air do not contribute to climate change. They argue that science has not been able to prove one hundred percent that climate change and CO2 emissions are linked. The bad news is that science may have to prove this link posthumously. Time may run out before Dr. Beaker is able to get her hands on technology that will enable her to prove that we are killing our planet. My point is this: why do we have to prove it?  Why can’t we adopt as a philosophy of living, as a covenant to our existence, a promise to ourselves and to future generations that we will not pollute. It is possible. Our creative nature could collectively find ways to reduce then eliminate pollution.

In this way we would know for sure that any changes in the climate were natural ones.

Future generations, if there are any, will look back at ours as a selfish, lazy one. We seem to be at war even when we have conversations. It’s black and white. Our ability to have a dialogue has been replaced with a never-ending argument, and the power elite could not he happier. Like China enjoying a divided, thereby weakened, Korea, the elite love to see ordinary citizens fighting with each other by taking polarized views on topics and then debating them on news programs owned by the elite. Clever. But then clever is what the elite have been for generations. We citizens are in a maze of their choosing and we are all looking for the cheese that they have dolled out willy-nilly.

But we are catching on. The Internet, initially created to allow geeks to correspond, has been a game changer. It has allowed humanity to see beneath the Wizard of Oz’s curtain and see the mechanisms at play. The elite as I write this are working on ways to own the Internet, to stop it from being unregulated. The elite want to once again own the hypnotic trance that has enslaved humans for centuries. Their hypnotic weapon of choice in the latter part of the twentieth century, television, is losing its grip on the public’s attention.  Now we surf the Net looking for the Truth behind the propaganda.  And we are finding it at every turn. Soon the elite’s dirty tricks departments will be shown for what they are, conscienceless power mongers who will stop at nothing to maintain their hold over others. Freedom to these people does not include people not in their immediate inner circle.

Ok, so it is evident that I have been watching Alex Jones a little too much.  He has some good points but every now and again he will go off on a rant in order to ramp up our fears so that we buy survival products from him and that we listen to him to know when the government led attack on our freedoms is about to take place.

The Internet must remain free of government and corporate control if our planet is to have a chance of seeing in the twenty second century and beyond.  Any and all attempts to control the access of information to the citizens of the world must be met with resistance. This is not a fight that the 99% can afford to lose.


6 Jan

Could have been a Tinker
Fixing stuff on the fly
Should have been a Tailor
Making suits for you to try
Would have been a Soldier
Making sure tyrants don`t thrive

But I
Became a spy
Double life
It`s due or die
Double life
It`s due or die
Became a spy
A spy am I

Could have been the Batman
Vigilant sentinal of the night
Should have been Ironman
Behind that mask I`d feel alright
Would have been Superman
My only fear – kryptonite

But I
Became a spy
Double life
It`s due or die
And I believe
That we should cease
The Soul Thief

before i go

5 Jan

In recent years a lot has been said regarding the decline of democracy (we are in fact a republic where we vote for people who then vote on our behalf in government). Maybe democracy is in decline. Maybe it isn’t.  We are in the thick of things so it is hard to tell. But any political system worth its salt should be able to weather the storms of change. And with change comes criticism.  Criticism, when fact-based is helpful and necessary. Criticism that is not is not.  In fact, it is quite the opposite of helpful; it is hurtful.

Terrorists attempt to scare the shit out of us so that they can gain control over our lives.  When a society is petrified it cannot think deep thoughts or problem solve effectively.  Society that is being harassed my terrorists is in survival mode. Our base instincts are at the fore.  Our reptilian brain is our cerebral mission control, and that can’t be good.  Cortisone, a chemical that is secreted when we are stressed, is harmful to all of our internal functions. It is like the feeling that you get when you tilt back your chair and just before the chair falls over you catch yourself.  Well that feeling that you get at that moment is how terrorists would have us feel all the time.

Terrorists want control.  And if we play with the language they are ‘con’  (‘artists’) that are trol(l)s who desire to see your way of life, however flawed, destroyed, to be replaced by their idea of the good life (read: fascist state). To these fundamental: Christians or Jews or Muslims or Industrialists or narcissistic business tycoons or sociopathic political leaders, your freedom is troublesome to their desired way of living. Freedom and terrorism are mutually exclusive.  And to play with language again, the word terrorist has in it the reason why it is doomed to fail.   And that is the word ‘error’.  Terrorists cannot see that the human spirit’s default is in freedom.  We strive for and seek freedom.  It is our prime directive.  All these terrorists fail to see the error of their ways. We humans are better than our base instincts and feelings.

As our society changes and adapts to a new world we are confronted with real and new challenges to our way of life. It is ironic that Obama, who championed the protection of whistle blowers, is now the one who is now trying to muzzle and prosecute them. Obama has taken money from taxpayers and has given it to people in order to spy on tax payers.  That is akin to me hiring a private dick and asking him or her to spy on me, collect information, then give that information to people whom I do not know.  And I would keep him or her on retainer so that they could do that all the time. So if Obama wants to bring Snowden to justice for spying then Obama should also put himself under citizen’s arrest and we could have two trials.  Obama, the high-powered civil rights lawyer and constitutional expert (ex is an unknown quantity and a ‘spert’ is just a drip under pressure), should be on trial for ignoring the 4th Amendment to the Constitution. Either Obama gets rid of the 4th Amendment or he goes to trial. You cannot have it both ways in a democracy.

Obama’s argument for spying on Americans is that it is necessary to stop terrorists.  Spying on Americans is terrorism. I shudder with fear when I think of what could happen when a government resorts to spying on its own citizens. Nazi Germany comes to mind as does Communist China and the former USSR/current Russia. A government that does not respect the privacy of its citizens is doomed to go down the path towards fascism.  In fact, the much used term ‘moving forward’ could be completed with the following phrase, ‘towards fascism’.  Groan. The only difference between foreign terrorists/fascists and homegrown ones is the adjective. Obama should be trying to show China that a country can be strong by embracing freedom.  Presently the USA is moving closer to China’s way of doing things than the other way around.  China could not be happier.  The death of Freedom in the West will incite a wave of happiness in the breast of dictators and despots the world over.

So where was I going with this? Oh yes, Snowden and the power of comics and video games.  Since the death of real investigative reporting in the late 70’s, we have relied on corporate owned news channels to bring us the news.  The advent of the Internet changed all that and I for one say adios to NBC, ABC, NBC and other puppet news rooms. After Watergate the corporate sponsored news rooms were muzzled further despite attempts are real reporting from the news anchors of the day,  and we were fed soft brain food ever since. Now things are changing. Grassroots investigative reporting is once again adding legitimacy to news. Snowden was heard to say that video games and comics taught him that one person or a group of like-minded people could make a positive difference in the world. I agree.  Ironman taught me that Tony Stark was a billionaire and an alcoholic and still strove to improve our society.   Batman was a billionaire who suffered trauma in his youth and still tried to contribute to society.  As a kid I saw that I too had deep character flaws (and no money) but that I too could try to better life for myself and others. And comics didn’t talk down to me.  When I discovered that Bruce Banner went to a psychologist I too could go, without shame. I mean if The Hulk could do it….!

The youth of today play video games. Many of the games have as their theme that of a world in a struggle between freedom and fascism. Blending cool graphics and an intelligent story line youth can see an artist’s depiction of what life could be like should we allow tyranny to reign. So perhaps our youth, like Snowden, are going to be the next wave of soldiers championing the cause of freedom due in part to comics and videogames.  Today’s Call of Duty to yesterday’s 1984.

Christopher Reeves said that the real terrorists are the diseases and disorders that we have to fight. Life is scary enough without human beings adding to the mix.  Cancer scares me a lot more that some idiot with explosives strapped to his chest. Death is the great equalizer.  It is true democracy.  We all have to go. Even rich people, but they have to say goodbye to more things that the other 99 %. So while we are here why don`t we try to make our stay as pleasant as possible.  Or at the very least let`s try to live and let live.  All of the good books have bad passages in them and when taken literally these passages cause a lot of damage to people. So let`s dismiss these hurtful passages using a combination of common sense and compassion. Besides, God is a big thinker, if you believe in Him.  He cannot invent the universe and be a micromanager too could He.

There. I feel better for having said all this.  I had to get out there….before I go.



3 Jan